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    Student Rick - Falling For You

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    Student Rick - Please Forgive Me

  3. 3

    Student Rick - A Child'S Cry

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    Student Rick - Acoustic Song

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    Student Rick - Heaven Is A Place On Earth

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    Student Rick - Hideaway

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    Student Rick - I Wish

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    Student Rick - In The Cold

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    Student Rick - Jewel

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    Student Rick - Meet You Halfway There

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    Student Rick - Midway

  12. 12

    Student Rick - Monday Morning

  13. 13

    Student Rick - October Skies

  14. 14

    Student Rick - Slowly

  15. 15

    Student Rick - South Of Blackford

  16. 16

    Student Rick - Thinking Of You

  17. 17

    Student Rick - Through The Window

  18. 18

    Student Rick - Yesterday

Monday Morning

Student Rick

Monday morning and time to get out of bed
work sucks, this is the part that I dread
7:30 the bus came early again
my luck, my girlfriend turned gay

and now im sitting here
trying to find myself
and I feel like im heading nowhere
its only monday

Sunny monday
and nothings going my way
forgotten tradgedy
it only rains on me
but im still breathing
will this day ever end
its only monday

times are changing
how will I ever survive
with no job
im luck to be alive
im on a journey
to dig myself out of this
what a drag
all the good times I miss

and now im sitting here
trying to find myself
and I feel im heading nowhere
its only monday

[Chorus x3]

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