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    Student Rick - Falling For You

  2. 2

    Student Rick - A Child'S Cry

  3. 3

    Student Rick - Acoustic Song

  4. 4

    Student Rick - Heaven Is A Place On Earth

  5. 5

    Student Rick - Hideaway

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    Student Rick - I Wish

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    Student Rick - In The Cold

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    Student Rick - Jewel

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    Student Rick - Meet You Halfway There

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    Student Rick - Midway

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    Student Rick - Monday Morning

  12. 12

    Student Rick - October Skies

  13. 13

    Student Rick - Please Forgive Me

  14. 14

    Student Rick - Slowly

  15. 15

    Student Rick - South Of Blackford

  16. 16

    Student Rick - Thinking Of You

  17. 17

    Student Rick - Through The Window

  18. 18

    Student Rick - Yesterday

Thinking Of You

Student Rick

each and everyday
i somehow find away to think of you again.
but in the back of my mind i know i waste my time
cuz yeah im thinking of you again.
its something in my dreams i never knew just what it meant to you.
its something in my life i just never knew what to do.

i wish there was a day you would come my way,
cuz id wonder what id say and in the back of my mind
i know id waste my time
cuz im thinking of you again..

something in the way with the words you say it makes me think of you again.
each and every night, i wanna hold you tight.
cuz im thinkin of you again..
its something in my dream i never know just what it means to you .
its something in my life i just never wondered why.
cuz im thinkin of you again.

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