Nu Flow


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
It's my pleasure to introduce to you all
The finest, the brightest, the meanest
This ones the very best of them all
The south London collective group

Known as - for goodness sake roger
Who is it?

This is big bro
Taking over the show
With this new flow
You need to listen up
And feel this sh…
Cos we wont quit
We make them hits
And stack them chips

Its flawless I came for the dough
As soon as I step in the door
I see that you're hating my glow
The cool the flow were soon to blow
Were tired of being this poor
And having to sleep on the floor
And working to nine to five
Just like a five-dollar dame
Knowing were worth more we simply had to settle the score
That's why you see these albums
And these singles in the store
It's big brovaz baby
Trying to catch some major figures
You mess with my cheese and ill switch
Just like schwarzenegger


Its dion
I bet you won't forget my name
I probably maybe
Gonna get inside your brain
Its BB's time to reign
Were doing them platinum things
I know you ain't ready for me

You move you lose
Can't wear my shoes
Cherise brand new
Me and my crew
Don't try our flow
If your tongue don't roll
You'll lose control
Were just way too cold


Hey yo this is j.rock
And I've got more skills than average
Put us together man
Were more than all of yawl can manage
Cos we be the baddest at it
This here took years of practice
And now it's more money
And it's more madness
Stack up on a daily base
We've travelled so many places
Switching so many chicks
Were mixing up their names with faces
They see the ice and they trip
They like to ride on the whip
But all I wanna know is if
These girls are riding the ahhhhh!

Who's who's who's this?

This is the n.a.d.i.a.h
You didn't think I was coming at ya
Giving you people a different kind of
Bid brother flava
I bet yawl didn't think I was riding these
Beats and making the paper
But I guess that I'm a paper chaser playa
And it's in my nature

Chorus x 2
Who's this?

Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
Who's who's this?

this song belongs to big brovaz and not the sugababes
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