New Year


Sitting here stressing at 2:30 am
about how fast a year can go, I wonder where it went
If we start all over again, would it really work?
I know that you could be, could be coming back to me

Mesmerised by the thoughts of it
Traumatised, im so scared of it
Wanna stop thinking, gotta get to sleep
Wake up fresh, get on my feet
Push the thought of you away, do it today

I'm older than my years, drowning in my tears
Surrounded by the fears, since you went away
A year ago, at Christmas

You locked away your secrets, kept them away from me
I only came to say goodbye, now you finally see
You wanna start all over again, make it work this time
But I don't wanna end up feeling far away from fine

I memorised what you said to me, so suprised
It was hell to be, so fustrated with the way we were
Not a single word could make it work
Now look at us today, we blew it away

Repeat chorus to fade
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