Baby Come Back


Did You Get the Letter
That I Sent You
Trying to Remember What the Letter Said
After All the Heartache You Put Me Through
I Need You Like a Hole in the Head
Then I Saw the Little Light Was Blinking
You Left a Message Like An Angel Singing

Baby Come Back
Come Back to Me
I Think I'm Going Crazy
Baby Can't You See
That I Love You
Oh, Baby Come Back to Me

Now How Am I Gonna Keep That Letter From You
How Am I Gonna Take Back All the Things I Said
Was I Thinking When I Cursed Your Mother
Signed the Letter "Wish You Were Dead"
Baby, Tell Me How I Got So Stupid
I've Been Shooting Arrows Back At Cupid

Staking Out
Your Postman's Route
Better Take a Bribe
Before I Take Him Out
Take the Letter Back

Oh My Darling
Baby Come Back
I Miss You So
How Could I Have Been So Stupid Just to Let You Go
Now My Darling
I'm So Sorry, I've Been Such a Fool
And I Want You Back
Baby Come Back
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