Luv Drug

Suzanne Palmer

I can't wait any longer
I've got to have you tonight
'Cause only you can make me feel
Like I'm floating through the sky

You put me under the influence
You're goin' to my head
I'm addicted to your sexiness
When we're working up a sweat

You brought me true happiness
Out from the depths of lonliness
And I've got to get close to you tonight
I'm so addicted to you

Oh, your love is a drug and I can't get enough
Your love is a drug and I won't give it up
Your love is a drug and you're under my skin
I can't get enough, your love is a sin

'Cause your love is a drug
Oh, your love is a drug
'Cause your love is a drum
I can't get enough

I feel it comin' on stronger
You're runnin' through my veins
My heart starts beatin' faster
Pleasure's rushin' to my brain

You know how to intoxicate
Won't you take me higher
Another dose of your sexiness
Is all that I require

Your love is a drug
I don't understand
It don't mean a thing if you don't give a damn
You pretend you're so strong
You don't need anyone
As your heart, I watch it bleed
You wanna cry but you just won't let it out
Wanna scream but you don't know how to shout
How to shout

You're going to my head
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