One Day

Suzanne Palmer

Another morning ends another night
More sad excuses and another fight
Another day when I sit home and wait
Another evening when you come home late

Forever hopin' it's just my mistake
Three in the morning and I'm wide awake
Too many times when you forgot to call
I'm gonna take control and change it all

One day you'll know I was the one
You'll reach for me and I'll be gone
You'll walk the streets until the dawn
Callin' my name out loud

One day I'll rid my life of you
You'll know the pain that I've been through
And then I'll know you're hurtin' too
It's gonna get to you one day

And one day soon you're gonna cross the line
You're gonna hurt me one too many times
You say you'll change for me if I just stay
I'll turn my back on you and walk away

You're feelin' empty and you're all alone
You try to reach me on the telephone
You want me desperately but I'm not there
I've gotten over you and I don't care
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