1. 1

    Tal Bachman - She's So High

  2. 2

    Tal Bachman - Aeroplane

  3. 3

    Tal Bachman - Once In A Lifetime

  4. 4

    Tal Bachman - An Ocean Lies Between Us

  5. 5

    Tal Bachman - (You Love) Like Nobody Loves Me

  6. 6

    Tal Bachman - Beside You

  7. 7

    Tal Bachman - Broken

  8. 8

    Tal Bachman - Danger By Design

  9. 9

    Tal Bachman - Darker Side Of Blue

  10. 10

    Tal Bachman - Divine

  11. 11

    Tal Bachman - I Am Free

  12. 12

    Tal Bachman - I Wonder

  13. 13

    Tal Bachman - If You Sleep

  14. 14

    Tal Bachman - Looks Like Rain

  15. 15

    Tal Bachman - Masquerade

  16. 16

    Tal Bachman - Romanticide

  17. 17

    Tal Bachman - Somebody's Dreaming

  18. 18

    Tal Bachman - Staring Down The Sun

  19. 19

    Tal Bachman - Strong Enough

  20. 20

    Tal Bachman - Talk To Me

  21. 21

    Tal Bachman - Tomorrow

  22. 22

    Tal Bachman - What You Won't Reveal

  23. 23

    Tal Bachman - You Don't Know What It's Like

  24. 24

    Tal Bachman - You're My Everything

I Wonder

Tal Bachman

Dad says it's striking
How I look like you
And how we share the same eyes
Yes, he swears I'm just a smaller
Form of you

But brittle bones and a wisp of white hair
Are all I see in that old rocking chair

Tell me, how long have you been around ?
And how long 'til you're underground ?
Tell me, how can a son be a father ,
A mother a daughter
And I be a man someday ?
Well, I wonder
Yes I do, I really wonder

Could I belong to someone so old, who
Can only speak in whispers
And who cannot hear a single word I say

You're a man with a quivering hand
How we're connected
I just can't understand

(repete refrão)

But when I think of
How you smile
And the way you look at me
It isn't hard to recognize
That you belong to me,
that you're a part of me

Tell me, how can a son be a father
A mother a daughter,
And I be a man someday ?
Well, I wonder,
Yes I do, I really wonder

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