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    Tal Bachman - She's So High

  2. 2

    Tal Bachman - Aeroplane

  3. 3

    Tal Bachman - Once In A Lifetime

  4. 4

    Tal Bachman - An Ocean Lies Between Us

  5. 5

    Tal Bachman - (You Love) Like Nobody Loves Me

  6. 6

    Tal Bachman - Beside You

  7. 7

    Tal Bachman - Broken

  8. 8

    Tal Bachman - Danger By Design

  9. 9

    Tal Bachman - Darker Side Of Blue

  10. 10

    Tal Bachman - Divine

  11. 11

    Tal Bachman - I Am Free

  12. 12

    Tal Bachman - I Wonder

  13. 13

    Tal Bachman - If You Sleep

  14. 14

    Tal Bachman - Looks Like Rain

  15. 15

    Tal Bachman - Masquerade

  16. 16

    Tal Bachman - Romanticide

  17. 17

    Tal Bachman - Somebody's Dreaming

  18. 18

    Tal Bachman - Staring Down The Sun

  19. 19

    Tal Bachman - Strong Enough

  20. 20

    Tal Bachman - Talk To Me

  21. 21

    Tal Bachman - Tomorrow

  22. 22

    Tal Bachman - What You Won't Reveal

  23. 23

    Tal Bachman - You Don't Know What It's Like

  24. 24

    Tal Bachman - You're My Everything

Darker Side Of Blue

Tal Bachman

On a television screen
Like a technicolour dream
I watch the crowd surround you
And you act so nonchalant
As you pass the debutantes
Who know you as they found you So what is it like on the inside?
You live the high life...

You walk in the room with your attitude
You've got an awful lot to prove

At the end of the day
When you walk away
Are you on the darker side of blue?
You used to be
Someone just like me
Do you wonder what you're missing?
And when the paparazzi stare
At your face and clothes and hair
Do you wonder what they're whispering?
So what is it like on the inside?
You live the high life...


So what will you say
When you've had your day
And it all fades away?


If you read the signs, maybe you'll find
You will accept my point of view
Now how do you feel
Now that you've seen it?
Are you on the darker side of blue?

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