Born On The Wrong SIde Of Time


Born on the wrong side of time,
Even your best friend,
Is ready, to watch you die.

You don't want to live on the street,
So you've got to sweat till your'e dead,
To make ends meet.

Born on the wrong side of time,
Your days are so cold,
That you curse, just something to cry.

That you should be living in fear,
When you cry out,
Your friends just don't want to hear.

And you dream, of the day,
When the great mastertime,
Will call us .... to his side.

And you watch, your brothers,
Shake with fear, as they watch,
His serpintine .... eye.

And you can smell, their fear,
As they stand, and curse,
The fact that they're .... alive.

Born on the wrong side of time,
Pretend to yourself,
That some day, you'll do just fine.

You know that you live through a lie,
You'll only find out what went wrong,
When the sun makes us cry.
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