A Ghost Town For a Graveyard


I sing at the corner my cap at my toes,
I sing all those songs of joy, sadness and woe.
They stand on the pavement the tenors join in,
The rest whilst my back's turned have big toothy grins.

Then for an encore I'll wilt to the stand,
And snap on the keyboard of my baby grand.
They move away as the hail hits the ground,
I'm left there laughing I've just made a pound.

Then you came along and asked me to sing,
The song? I enquired, she said - anything.
I cover my eyes and I burst into song,
And when I had finished I left, she was gone.

Then back to the Palace I find my steps lead,
I take off my shoes and I watch my toes bleed.
I sit there and wonder when you'll come again,
I must get back to the corner again.

I look at the corner from behind the door,
Some people are standing there must be a score.
There's nobody singing or moves at their fears,
Everybody joins hands and they hold back the tears.
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