Marking Time

Terry Reid

Sand in my hair
And sand in almost everything I own
Birds wheeling high in the sky
But don't know which way to fly, which way to go

Well I'm standing here
Just looking at the sea
Trying to wonder whether it sits for me
Or not at all
No one wants to change it

So many people, so many people
May sit around and moan
But you're not, you're not, you're not
Going to find it very far away from home

I've been looking here
Trying to realize
Whether it's something that I could compromise
Or not at all
But nobody really wants to change it

Call me anything
Call me a fool
Call me what you want
But just stay cool, stay cool, stay cool, stay cool

I'm standing here
Trying to mesmerize
Wondering, wondering if the people realize
Or not at all
But nobody really wants to ever change it

So many people
Sit and ask me why
But I'm just keeping hold of the seeds
Until the day I die

Sitting here
I'm trying to realize
If it's really worth it
Or whether I should make out to disguise about it
If there's no way at all
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