Superlungs My Supergirl

Terry Reid

You find the kind of girl in every town
Wherever there's a scene she's always hanging around
She's so nave and innocent and looks at you with awe
She's only fourteen but she knows how to draw, yeah

Woah, super lungs
Woah, super lungs

She never gets involved with blowing her cool
She's too busy getting high with her classmates in school
Teachers all ignore her, they would if they could
But she ain't quite grown up yet but her breathing's real good, come on now

Woah, super lungs
I said now that's what she's got, super lungs
I know I need me some super lungs
Woah, super lungs

Super super
Super super
Super super
Do do do do do do
Woah yeah
Woah woah yeah
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