Coffee and Laughs

The Cleaners

He needs to be in peace but
Drinking when he wants to flee and
Floating in his cold balloon
He is waiting for the season of June

Leaves fall; there he goes to the market place
To buy sugar, bread and cookies
Newspapers and cigarettes

In his house he's alone
Unwedded and star blind
He's settled and unhappy inside

But in fact what he wants
Is someone to say good bye, good job, and to kiss her face
Wake up by her side, to feel the breath and to
To make breakfast

All the days alone, its hurts
His body is in his bed, but
His soul is far, reaching the stars

There's no way to run
You can try to forget but
But the mother's love always stays in you

Yes I love to dream about you
But I need to continue

One day I will meet you
Wait for me cuz there's nothing left to do
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