The Daily Round

The Cleaners

Your soul is calling and you don´t care
Just close your mouth and wait for the end
But tell me what is wrong ?

We always try to go too far
Day after day, we practice some fault
For try to find the perfect life

You don´t have time to kiss your son
Your life is lonely but no alone
The weekend it´s over and your round starts again

The best i ever had
Please give me one more chance to make up for lost time
To show who i am

We run in circles all the time
We know it hurts but to get stop
It´s not so hard you need to try

But i can see things differently now
In the midst of this whole rush
I can feel my heart beat now

It´s just a pretty form
It´s just a pretty look do not be fooled
The life is more, so much more, than you think is
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