Life At The Crossroads

The Distance

Beat Beat Repeat

I hear your heart beating what secrets does it keep
You know your voice can only hide so much
sixteen hours straight
and I'm heading home to you
now the clock is winding down and out

I feel your arms reaching or are you even there
you can only hold on for so long
Two years we've held on
I know that's what you'll say to me
And you've had enough and now you're gone

How long will we play these games together
Why do we always have to lose it all
So many songs for the broken hearted
So many words to say but none for me

You can not stop the pain my heart knows it grows (on and on)
You can't stop the way this fear grows it goes (on and on)
You can not calm the storm in my soul it blows (on and on)

So many words to waste but none for me
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