The Setup

The Distance

It's what I search for in my self
It's the understanding that
In my head it's all made up
I lie in bed and think about
Every last word and everything
I could have done to save us now

I think of your embrace
how everything was fine those times
but when your world comes crashing down
That's when I wont be around
To catch your fall
And everything was your call
So it's not my fault you've been let down
(so many times before)

Why do I realize when your part of me died
That it's all a big mistake
I wish I could've change myself
Be the man you want me to be
But it's all to late
Did you ever think about me

It's been a year since we last talked
And guess who's not over it at all
I guess I'll just have to tell myself that it's for the best
Even if I don't believe it
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