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Ditch that

The Dream

After we leave Be all you need
Are those victoria secrets? let me see
What's your fee? Never mind baby you owe me
For them drinks at the bar and for smoking this weed

He aint like me
I can make your days and nights look like fantasies
He aint got nothing on me
My garage looks like the DuPont registry
I'm so superb Shorty what's the word
If you looking for love (love, love)
I'll give you what you deserve

Bring your ass to the crib and - Ditch that nigga
You try to f*ck are you still playing - Ditch that nigga
You need a grown ass man girl - Ditch that nigga
You understand what I'm saying girl - Ditch that nigga
(I'm got them out on the floor like - Ditch that nigga 4x)
(I got them up in the club - Ditch that nigga 4x)

See she got needs She laid up in my roll
She got your text 'when you wanna get it' she said not yet
After the finale She got you on the phone
Said that she wasn't coming home Then she downloaded my ringtone


Got what you want Grab what you need
Have another drink I'm taking her with me
Enter the Phantom Proceed the creep
Exit the Phantom Up in them sheets
Grab my neck squeeze my hands
Touch your twins squeeze your ass
Not too slow not too fast
DJ run this motherf*cker back


Hold on Give me a second
You gotta at least let him drop me off
Baby you know I wanna see you

I got em up in the club

Now I got what she want and she see what she want in me
And I aint here to beef (even though you fighting) Let it be she's coming with me

I got them up in the club
She's leaving with me
I got them up in the club
She's coming with me
I got them up in the club
She's leaving with me

Know you got a little money
In the club toppin hundreds
Heard you got a little car
But she's coming with me 6x
Cause I got a lot of love
Now she wanna be my girl
Keep throwing that money up
But she's coming with me 6x

Ditch that nigga (repeat till end)
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