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Take U Home 2 My Mama

The Dream

Take her home to my momma,
Home to my momma, Take her home to my momma,
Eh, Eh. Radio Killa; We beat those things up like Gorillas
Woh, hey, now where my niggas at

I'm lookin' for them things
Shawty up in the place
Man, I'm trying to get a ten, I'm trying to get a ten
You better be the shit, oh you better be the shit
I'm making my way through the mutha-fukin'club
I got that patron up in my mutha-fuckin' cup
They starting to look good, they starting to look good
They starting to look fine, they starting to look fine
Now which one of ya'll
Make me lose my motha-fuckin' mind

That's when I seen you, you, you, you, you, you
Doing what you do, do, do, do, do, do
Now why you ain't my girlfriend
I had to run right up out of the V1
Pop that, I seen you drop that
Now I'm like do that again
Aw shawty, do that again
I don't believe it, 'till I see it
Shawty, do that again
I'm a take you home to my momma
Shawty do that again, shawty do that again.
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