Black Dialogue

The Perceptionists

Yeah, it was written in the books of europeans we were
That our history was insignificant and minds below
But how can one diminish the work
Of the most imitated culture on this earth
Fast foward to 2000 and now
You see it everywhere you look, speech, music, fasion
And style
It's black dialogue
Go ahead kid, try it on
It's much harder to master than precision with
Corny niggaz switch it up and rent it to viacom
But it was taught to me early on by my mom
Master yourself, for maximum outreach potential
Respect that you get from that will roll exponential
Preferential treatment, brings us heat when
It only goes to those who rock the diamonds and
They invite the kiddies to the video show
To watch the fake titty models all act like hoes
I guessed it goes the more ignorants the more pressed
But everywhere i look i see black people with more
But does that mean we should be shucking and jiving
Fucking and kniving just to keep our bank accounts
See i walked the path my elder laid out
Cause acting like a monkey for white folks is played
I get my own money, on my own turn
Got heat for everybody, watch the microphone burn

[mr. lif]
Let me tell you about my niggaz nowadays
Nowadays niggaz acting like slaves because it pays
Many ways
A, to get the pussy - b, to get the cars
C, the jewels around their neck
But their demise is not farfetched
Step with that uncle tom, fucking palm action
And my tv's always off because i see something truely
Black then
Aww shit, got a call from brother malcolm
Awakening from the grave, he's asking "what the fuck
I said these niggaz all want homes in the hamptons
It's dimension shows so they do what white man asks
Throwing money at the screen that other brother ain't
Yes, hellish foes, and now they rest in peace, thanks
For asking
They rather teach eachother how to fire chrome than to
Buy a home
There's power in the land that we own
You need capital to start to win the capitialism
Take the money from the sales and find a place to be
Rather black landlords than white chalk on the floor
Our mentalities for casualites are keeping us poor
And the poor teach the rich how to work
Rich teach the kids how to invest
Hence we dying from stress
And the rhythm from the drums shine its own sun
My father said, "you think a brighter day ever gon'
I said, "pop, rock the beat box
And i'm a empty out my mind cause i'm around till i

Yo, martin and malcolm knew it
Black dialogue
Grandma moses drew it
Black dialogue
Stevie wonder seen it
Black dialogue
Many games to steam with
Black dialogue
Jim brown, ran with
Black dialogue
Cubie nukem ??? had a plan with
Black dialogue
Chuck d took a stand for
Black dialogue
Krs is the man with
Black dialogue
The whole world is after
Black dialogue
The whole world is after
Black dialogue
The whole world is after
Black dialogue
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