Painted Doll

The Seeds

I sit and watch in front of the mirror
When you paint your childlike face
YOur image changing each night
Stars shining, oh so bright

Oh, I don't care what you've done
I'll always love you Painted Doll
'Cause in my eyes you'll always be painted only for me
My painted doll

Like a moonbeam on the dawn
I'm afraid to wake and find you gone
My whole world would crumble around me
Like a blindman with two eyes can't see
Like a child that's lost his toy
There wouldn't be anything left for me at all
Like a man that's out to sea
I'm lonely as can be
My painted doll
Painted, painted doll
Oh so very wonderful to me
My painted doll, painted doll
Painted only for me
I'll love you when the colors start to fade
Peeling and falling in time
But my painted doll, you'll always be mine
My painted doll

The clothes you wear will always be silver and gold
And red, red rubies are your lips
Your face will never grow old
Your hair black like the raven's wing
YOur eyes hold all the blue in the sky
Are the colours that I see in my eyes
I'll love you till I die
Until I die
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