Two Fingers Pointing On You

The Seeds

Have you ever been there in a strange house
Somebody pointing a finger on you
Saying, "Looky, what did you do"
A pointing his finger right on you
I just walked inside the door
I just sat right down on the floor
I just took a drink in my hand
And then it all began

Somebody's always to blame
Somebody's calling my name
Somebody's putting me down
When there just ain't nobody around
BUt it just ain't me this time
Said it just ain't me this time, girl

Did you ever feel you're from different time?
And 9 from 9 equal none
And the king in the courtyard has just lost his crown
The garden he grows, grows blacker each day
As 29 crows a'fly away
The flowers fade, fading away
Somebody's pointing a finger on you
There's somebody pointing a finger on you
Said la la la a la a la la la
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