The Soho Dolls

Well fellas you're late
And Maya I'm here
The boys in the band decide to appear
We walk through the door and savour the air
The girls on the floor I've come here to stare

Don't touch the girls don't kiss the girls
I have the right to pay the girls
Get in a fight on every night
The scratches, the bruises and the bites
But I wanna touch, I wanna kiss
And if you say 'No' then I will persist
Meet you tonight you'll make it right
You know that you're whetting my appetite

You can call me X you can call me Y
You can call me Z you can come and try
Come and try

Hey stripper!
Don't know what you do but do it to me
Dob't know what you do but it's getting to me
I wanna be your mister

Like your perfume your skin is smooth
The way you move I'm in the mood
Tease the crowd, please the crowd
I'm waiting I want you to see me now
You lead me on when you know it's wrong
What money I had is in your thong
You will be mine at closing time
You're saving the best for me tonight
Saving the rest for me tonight

I've come to stare
You like me to stare
I like your underwear
I am a voyeur
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