I'm Not Cool

The Soho Dolls

I thought you put me in rapture
I never asked you to dump her
Thought you knew we'd have a high life

And still I see
Your philosophy
Falling through my tainted mind
Would you dig my dirt?
Cos I'm so desperate
Can't you see you're wasting time?
I failed to tell you, to tell you now

That I've been fooled
Cos I'm not cool
And the scissors slide
Away with my pride

Speeding down a dead-end track
I wanted you there's no way back
Got a destructive appetite

Oh baby please!
Lift me off my knees
A little smile can go for miles
I may be young
But I will grow up strong
And by then she'll look like her mum

Just to be absolutely sure of the facts
I'm happy to act just as a side salad
Happy to act
Happy to pay
Happy to wait
Baby you're great
When your oven goes 'ping!'
I'll be there on your plate
When her oven goes bang...
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