The Role

The Virus

He's a sick and frightened little man
Head full with visions of grandeur
She puts his needs before her own
Though he could never stand her
He made it clear she was his property
On the day they were married
Spurts of violence keep her in control
And killed the child that she carried

She doesn't question or resist
Kept in her place with iron fist
Social positions sold and bought
Each play the role that they were taught
She plays the object on her knees
Sucking his insecurities
Man has the power and control
She is submissive and does as she's told

Now and then she feels emptiness
So she put paint on her face
It gives a sense of security
Knowing she fits her place
Bound her feel like a china doll
With ideals instead of tape
A catatonic subservient
For her master to rape

It's a man's world isn't it?
Social positions sold and bought
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