Dark Ages

The Virus

Image of a dead man
Nails struck through his hands
Is this really something
That a child can understand?
Plastic crucifixion
Of a Christ who whas been killed
Hanging on your beadside
Playing on your guilt

Accept as being normal
This sick perverse idea
Of a heaven we should strive for
And a hell that we should fear

Intimidated by the church
We grovel on our knees
Begging for forgiveness
And hope Almighty Lord is pleased
So they told me about Jesus
How he died for all our sins
While millions throughout history
Have been suffering for "him"

The Lord is our sheppard
And we are all his sheep
If you see any truth in this
Your brain must be asleep...

Nicely packaged dogma
Of security and hope
On the threshold of hypocrisy
A man is crowned a pope
And all to the advantage
Of the fucking ruling class
Just like the kings and queens
Who have used it in the past

You warn me about dying
You seem already dead
Your vacant smile reveals
All the shit that you've been fed
The shit that you've been fed
The shit that you've been fed
The shit that's been shoveled down your throat
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