Do You Wanna Change

Time Again

Standing on the corner
He's begging for your change
You're looking at him sadly
but is he so strange?
what what you do, if he walked up
would you take a dollar and put it in his cup
oh, he is just a man, and he's had some bad luck
why is he there, do you give a fuck?
why do you hate, you talk down to him
you motherfuckers. . .
you never even knew him

do you wanna change [3x]
I wanna change [3x]

You talk about giving
but all you do is take
You say that you're real
but we know that you're fake
What about you, what would you say
if you asked me for help and I just walked away
oh, what makes you different that the man on the street
don't we all feel pain, don't we all have to eat
the truth of the matter, is we're all the same
if one thing's wrong
then we're all to blame
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