Deadly Nights

Time Again

He was a simple man with a simple life,
two twin kids from his former wife,
to himself he was already dead
Before he put that gun to his head,
the selfish motherfucker what gave him the right,
the phone felt like lead on that deadly night
when my friend got the call,
there was no happily ever after, after all.

On these deadly nights, we need someone to blame.
On these deadly nights, things will never be the same.

It's been three years and things still ain't the same,
his stomach still tightens at the sound of his name,
still looking back to the funeral day
and the echoes of the voices saying everything's okay,
you can't understand the anger and the hate
that comes to you when you've been given this fate,
don't tell him he was a wonderful man,
how dare you look at him and say that you understand.
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