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Forgive me
'cause i come to you more than i give thanks
Why am i on my knees praying yet again
Asking for more and more and more
Without recognizing the blessings i've already received
So now i say to you father god, thank you
People are inspired by your transparency
Your walk is way more inspiring than your talk of god...walk

I ask god for clarity so that he can reveal things to you that you would
Never be able to see with your own eyes.....pray for clarity
God will never give you something somebody else is supposed to have
So your jealousy and envy and insecurities about somebody else's blessings
Shouldn't be, because it ain't yours... walk
I bet everything on my wedding ring
I'm married to god so therefore our marriage is a work in progress
Faith is climbing invisible stairs
I pray that god blesses to find comfort in discomfort
Give me the strength to walk into the unfamiliar
You should always expect the things that you accept from people
If i accept your disrespect then it's expected of you to continue
If i make you uncomfortable with my bottom line don't cross it
You can often tell how far your life and career will go
Based on the five people that you spend the most time
So therefore i am a direct reflection of my surroundings
Yes, walk i used to be in fear of people saying tyrese you've changed
Well, actually i have

Walk with me, walk with me, walk with me ooh
Walk with me, walk with me, walk with me ooh
Walk with me, walk with me, walk with me ooh
Ooh, walk with me, walk with me ooh
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