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Best Man I Can Be


I'm standing here alone
trying to face another day
i gotta stay strong (mmm)
to endure this pain

I'm dealing with right now
it flipped my whole life upside down
i don't want your help
i don't need your sympathy

what can a brother do for me
he can help you up when you are down
what can a brother do for me
he can be your eyes when you can't see
what can a brother do for me
he can help me be the best man i can be

i've made a big mistake
and i'm feelin so ashamed
i don't wanna lose my friendship over it
i gotta keep the faith

cuz i'm still your boy
i got your back
and that ain't never never never never gonna change
so i can just side the truth
and keep smiling in your face


I keep strugglin but i'm tryin my best
i got some issues with my own confidence
Lord help me to forgive and forget
can you please help me to be a better man
for the rest of the darkest nights
shines the brightest sun
i ain't the man i used to be RL:
i'm better than before

CHORUS (with adlibs) til fade
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