Wild Irish Rose


In a field by a river my love and I did lie
On my naked shoulder she too proud to cry
She said that I must leave her, an icy tear she froze
How could I melt the heart, of a Wild Irish Rose

Well, a gypsy she has made of me, a servant of the streets
From bed to bed I've travelled to taste a love as sweet
Well the heart it knows no reasons, and reason never knows
As I lie with them I am thinking of a Wild Irish Rose

We all fall, ran down, slow down [skip] -and all's love was stale
But with all that I found on C street, I thought I'd found my grave
All night and day she is, and I dance under the glows
And all that time of dancing from a Wild Irish Rose

Well I saw the city of angels it brought a devil out of me
In Hell's hotel on Sunset, showed a whore no mercy
As the orange sky was screaming, from the roof I let her go
These are the dizzy heights that brought me my Wild Irish Rose

Now, wild is the rose that she laid on my grave
A life was all she wanted and a life I surely gave
Like a hundred men before me they lay lying here in rows
Young men, bloody, as a Wild Irish Rose
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