We Love You


Happy Birthday, dear The Edge
Happy Birthday to you
You're a couple of days off, but we're gonna
Make it kind of Edge's birthday month we're thinking

Make it up as you go along, child
Getta go dances all night long
Gonna make it up as I go along, yeah

Gonna make it up babe, as I go along
Gonna make you a ribbon and turn it into song
Gonna make it up babe as I go along
Cause I love you
And our love is true

Gonna make it up this is in my heat
Gonna take the song back off of my feet
Gonna make it up babe, when I'm asleep
And the soul lay down
'Cause I love you
'Cause I love you
'Cause I love you
'Cause our love is true

When I heard your name I knew what to stand
When I took you 'round by the hand
Never saw someone like you before
Never saw someone that showed me the door
And I love you, I love you

There's all kinds of songs that I heard growing up
But I never heard one that made the sun stop
All kinds of songs when I was growing up
But I never heard a song called 'I love you'
Love you

And I love you
And I love you
And I love
A nd I love you
Put more Edge

And I love
And I...

And I love

We love you, that's for you
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