Zucchero = Normal, Pavarotti = Italic]

Miserere, miserere
Miserere, misero me
Peró brindo allá vita

Who is the child sleeping here in my bed
Where are the words to say what's left unsaid
Yeah I've been lying, I've been hiding
Here beside you
I was the saint who disowned you
Now I'm the beggar who owes you

Miserere, misero me
Peró brindo allá vita

Is there a night dark enough for us to hide
There is a light bright enough to make us blind
Yeah I'm a straying man, Lord I got no plan
Drinking from another well
Vivo nell'anima del mondo
Perso nel vivere profondo

Miserere, misero me
Peró brindo allá vita

Another road, another place tomorrow
Running from you, running from love
You give me so much to hold on

Sole magnifico che splendi dentro me
Dammi la gioia di vivere
Oh help me now, help me now

Miserere, miserere

Like a bird with a broken wing
In your arms, I'm afraid to sing
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