I Believe


I've been waiting till the morning
I don't know
I've been wai-ting forever
Let it go

I can run to you
Believing that, I kno-ow
I can cloak this sorrow
But hold me in the night

I was warned, oh the siren
In the war
I don't coming on
The road, the dead, you go

I believe
Them don't know
All will be with you
I believe we want
That/Let you know the truth

Edge: How about the chorus?
Bono: Yeah

I cry Oh, oh, oh...

All my life
You've been walking in my home
And I won't tell you
What I wanna know

I'll walking down leaving
and now, I kno-ow
I'm in love again
My faith is you, you all
I believe in you the reeeal ???
Gimme love that I
need in your night

No fun or...
sun... this... time!

uh, uh uh
uh, oh child
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