Stark Sharks And Backlashes

Urban Dance Squad

First, scattered, splash-'n-splatter from the whomb
On the planet boy
First emotions-'n-notions, to drink from that potion
Mothermilk that fills still, nature's smooth like silk
'Till you learn to kill for some lies, until
You got profit to stuff it another piece you cough it
Skinz go 'ooh'-'n-off on it power's the summit
I guess sky is the limit see how you live it
Any static outlive it
Protection, you got it
You thought you was flexible - ready - unquestionable
Continue the pinnacle the cost will be maximal
Outstretch the limit, too many toes you step
Welplanned the trap and you think you can lapse
Every step you got safeguard, beefy-ish bodyguards
Troops that snoop for recoup 'n more reward, but

What it's revealin'
Is a bad feeling about this

Got it wrong, all along guessin' on impressions
Bullshit ! you should be passin' - not by causin' aggression
Using people like sheep y'all, tell 'em follow so feeble
With the strong you'll be down, just to snatch the crown
Wetting heels, when problems mount like blizzard
Lickin' like lizard - got them tight like scissors
Playin' the wizard go hide the misses

It's all apart before pluckin' the real card

Hope you got some aces when the stakes will be raised as
Sharks get stark before you fasten your shoelaces
Haunt with taunts, riches get flaunt
Blank expression their profession payback's what they want

These men fall so hard, man !

Succes ain't a snapshot that you glance at
From your pocket
Luck moves like mad truck, life's gonna stop it
Meanwhile people synthetic with tactics so plastic
Elastic like spandex - natural-life prophylactic

These men fall so hard, man !
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