Tabloid Say

Urban Dance Squad

Finally the truth shone through
It's all hell when the smell's on you
Used to read all the papers
Mags that caught the vapors
Takin' a crap with the tab, ain't takin' no shit
Who turns to be the vandal
What's the drugscandal
Shit worn out like a pair of hippiesandals
Stuff got really trippy on me
I blew the picture huge
Like a skippy, and see
It's all out-o'-proportions
Their notion, presumption
The speculation - causin' irritation like guitar distortion
Yep, pencils get pushed, poison flows out
Printing on paper, paper on the doormat
Watch brothers scream out
How to live with a big knife, avoid the daylight
Hawk with bloodred eyes
Through the night ?

Finally the truth shone through
It's all hell when the smell's on you
Got to live a life through, hectic like a zoo
Got to go for what you know, what would you do ?
Avoid the paperstand and
Cast glances elsewhere and
On your feet when the heat is on withstand
Be a man
The titan with the item, hard to beat and fight 'em
Some come to throw the odds against
And simply duck-'n-slide them
Got the thing right, professionalism opposite
Heard the cynicism, watch how it get dropped kid !
Wreck with the data
Flow like a feather
Get yourself in check, expect heavy weather
So finally the truth shone through
Take the papers when I got to do
A heavy poo-poo
Ask myself what's new, ask myself what's new
And flush the toilet through
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