Angry February

Versus The World

We braved the winter
There’s days I don’t wish to recall
Oh but the nights
The nights will live on
I once heard a voice like yours
It was angry but smooth and pure
And it sang from the veins
Yeah deep in the veins

Oh, oho, I'll go when
I’m damned goood and ready
But I’m just not quite finished here, yet

I don’t drink away pain,
No, not anymore
I drink to life, I drink to love
I drink to you
My cup is full

Now you let me know
When you're damn good and ready
Darlin just say the world
And by tomorrow we'll be gone

If time catches up with us
And we’re forced to let go
Maybe we don’t say a word
The secrets dies with us

We’ll take a deep breath and we’ll fall
Our eyes and roll back in our skulls
And when we hit the ground
We’ll already be running
We’ll hide out in nondescript seaside towns
We’ll drink until the sun falls
Out of the sky
We’ll fuck in the day
We’ll sleep till the stars come out
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