Helm Beyond


The time is coming, the defrost of the truth
Reality is near; inside the breath: the fear
Amusement in the eyes, the skies are in collapse
The following of a new idea, the miracle of the opening gate

I'm near- the line of the other side
I'm near- the facts from beyond
I hear- the sound of the unknown
I hear- from the sky

"Faure´s Requiem- Libera Me"

I'm dispersed
By the visions of the death
The chain that hold it tight
And covers the sight of the eyes
Sight of glory
In the field of sadness
Rising from the ground
In the place people die

The power of my pray
Arrests all human beings
The fear of disorder
To be on that journey

I'm now destroying
The last of human thoughts- the law of no sight
The rage of god
It's showing in the light- the night has come
I beg… priests' pray to god
Allowed them to believe in a lie

I'm near the line of the other side
I'm near the facts from beyond
I hear the sound of the unknown
I hear from the sky
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