Route Of Mysteries


Maybe that's "just" an inspired idea about
Or a ridiculous conspiracy of the human blindness
But there isn't such apology on the deep vision of
The terrifying fear of the meaninglessness

We are living on the ignorant route
Without the real sensibility
Believing on masquerade phrases
Walking with no reliability

The more we know about our ignorance
The more the silent remains

We couldn't talk about the unknown
But everything is an "abstract" substitution of the
It's easy to acquire the knowledge without questioning
Facing the darkness with an artificial light

We are just composing another era
Another generation of conscious monkeys
Prepotent animals, living and laughing
Crying and killing

We're born, we grow, we die
We are just passing by

It's estrange to think about the end
The more profound, more incoherent it will be
Alienated by the thoughts, you will end shaking in a locked
Walking on that mystery route
We have all the time to spend
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