Don't Talk To Strangers

Wacky Kids

Another day I went for a walk
I met a man who wanted me to go into his car
But some kinda fright that frozed me out
Let me away! And I started to think about the trust and other
little things
That makes up the world and without this there was no society
Comunication, Action with reaction
A Pseudo revolution with no direction

Get married, have children, work for U.S.
Do what I tould you without thinking
Do not trust! You must never talk to strangers, don't!
Don't Talk To Strangers, don't!

The folowing day I went to a store and thought
"I won't buy this way of life anymore"
Everything I saw in the showcase, but there was no showcase
Just a haze of all the lies I heard since I was in the cradle
And I what I believed to know how to handle
Everything I learned quiet in the school:
"Don't ask anything! You're a fucking little fool!"

This way of life I won't buy anymore
My way of life you can't find in a store
Action, Reaction! All this preassure
A revolution with direction!
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