Peter's Problem

Wacky Kids

There's a guy friend of mine,
he's a drummer boy - I can't deny
Peter is his name, he sleeps at day wakes up at night
Getting the boat to cross the bay at 5 o'clock everyday
The sleep hurthim and tries to close his eyes AND HE STILLS
Don't try to wake him soon 'cos there's no time to lose
This boring morning Peter do the afternoon
Always going to lay down
Peter's problem comes when he's hanging around
Take a better sleep, do it fast ;
Listen some Coreflakes in your breakfast
She said "don't wake him with this noise" NEVER LAY DOWN SLEEPER
Bring your girl and some Pancake,
Maybe she it in her face
While Peter dreams with good intentions, trying to find the
Essential Tension
Always going to lay down
Peter's problem never comes when he's hanging around.
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