Sweet Caress

Wayne Marshall

All I ever want from you
Is sweet caress
All I ever want from you
Is sweet caress

I need a girl
Just like you in my life
To keep a man
Just like me satisfied
Hey pretty, cuttie
Won't you hold me close?
Let me show you
What I need the most
I need...

I need caressing from you
Girl I'll see you soon
Oh baby
Sexy lady
You're always on my mind

Your body is calling
And I'm ready to come
I on live waiting
As long as you give me some
Your sexy body, girl
I would love to undress
Baby, all I'd want from you
Is caress
Oh yeah

All I need
Pardon me, baby
Is your sweet caress
Oh yeah
I know a lot of men
May lead you home
But one thing girl is true
My heart is not stoned
I hope you don't mind
If I take the time
To give you sweet caressing
All night long

All I want from you is to give
All I wanna feel is caress

Lullaby party
Oh baby
It's true
All I ever want
All I ever need
Is your caressing girl
To set it for me
If that's the letter, baby
Just leave it for me, baby
Just come to me
I need, baby, just caress
Grab you hand just
Up and down my chest
All I want from you
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