My Wife

Wayne Marshall

[Cell phone rings]
[Wayne M.:] Hello, yeah
[Producer:] Hey, yo, yo what sup
[Wayne M.:] Bwoy nuttin' mi just deh yah star
[Producer:] You passing through the studio
[Wayne M.:] Nah mi nah do nuh work tonight mi a guh home guh surprise di wife mek she feel alright
[Producer:] Alright then surprise the wife then
[Wayne M.:] A-right respect rudebwoy.

This my wife, and that's how it shoulda stay
Until my dying day, that's what the preacher say
And this my wife, suh why the fuck you in my place
Like yuh want fi tek my space, yuh want if get erase.
And this my life! where were you back in the days when mi likkle yute dem did a raise(hey)
This my life, my wife, my life, my wife.

[Verse 1:]
The story started about nine-thirty;
Long fi see mi wife suh my trip-out kinda early;
Want she feel surprise suh mi neva check shirly;
Plus! my wife wouldn't nuttin' fi hurt mi.
Haffi prove ma-self mek she know seh dat mi worthy;
Cah, from wah day ting's nah run suh sturdy;
Park roun'the back suh I know she neva heard mi
Look! pon the porch how the mat look suh dirty.
Wonda if mi fi guh call mi shotta fren Earny.
Code fi di alarm a wonda who learn it;
Incense a bun, and mi wanda who a burn it;
Tv tun on! and mi wanda who turn it;
Who eva trespass have mi end's pon lock.
A run up in ma house with mi hand pon mi glock
Thinking dat, mi spouse was under attack; a got to do suppin' about dat(wah)

This my wife and that's how it shoulda stay,
Until my dying day that's what the preacher say,
And this my wife, what you doing in my place,
Like yuh want fi tek space, fi get erase,
And this my life, a neva see you in the days when mi likkle yute dem a raise(hey)
This my life, my wife, my life, my wife

[Verse 2:]
Steppin' up the stairs humble and discreet, (hush sound)
Check pon the yutes, and the yute dem a sleep,
Tink to ma-self if mi wife woulda cheat,
And den mi sey nah she wouldn't creep,
Walk down di hall cah mi hear a man speak,
Reach near di door and mi hear di bed a sweak,
Push-up! the door with mi owna eye mi see it a man between my wife two feet(bloodceet!)
Pop off mi gun the whole room look sun,
A ask di likkle whore if she dun and if she cum,
And tell har if siddung and tell di pussy seh nuh run,
A ask har if mi likkle son, a fi him likkle son.

My Wife wouldn't do this to me; mek one fanastie mess up di fambily,
And you a my wife, before yuh bring a place, so mi a face, whatah disgrace.
And this my life! like yuh fi di days when mi yute dem did a raise(hey)
This my life, my wife, my life, my wife

[Verse 3:]
Mi, know yuh woulda love fi know how the story end, (true)
But if I talk dat part mi woulda in end up in the pen(ah ah)
Just know Joe Grind nah Joe grind again.
Just a likkle warning di Marshall come fi send
To every rudebwoy who have dem woman a dem yard
Always on the look out neva drop yuh guard
Wuhus when yuh gone cuh do business a broad
Yuh might find out seh yuh good gal a fraud cause...

My wife did the same shit to me
One mistake miss up the family,
My wife bring a man up in ma place mek a man tek my space, the two a dem(cuh)
My life end up have to change in so many different ways(hey)
My life, my wife, my life, my wife [fades]
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