One world nation

Ya Kid K

Ya Ya's talkin' so pay attention if you will to all you
Races this time to pay the bill
Don't check no wallet
I ain' charged you yet
The debt you owe you get to pay with sweat
Let it stream from you as my dream of peace comes true
That tells yourselves for you to go tell your crew (so stand still)
And shut up
Ya Ya's about to tell you what's up
It ain't about domination
Why can't we be one world nation

Try to analize reduce to it's element each and every angle
I'm about to commit now
There's a lot to say about the world today
But one thing's for sure we been led astray
I'm refering to the one who's skin is black
Black we are we was born like that
We got out features
Our nature's strong so I'm really wondering what is wrong
Why is the black people like to wear long blonde, dyed out
straightened hair
Is it to look like who enslaved him
Cheats,lies and wants to dominate him
Everybody know that this hair is nappy
It grows, so why not show
Anything wrong with our features then
Why not perm it down below?
Why wanna be like what we're not
We ought to be proud of what we got
Obviously we were made to feel shame and everybody's well aware
Who's to blame
Braggin' about I'm black and I'm proud
Crystal clear to hear voices loud
But them some act like being black's a sin
They walk the s--- seekin' lighter skin
How can you claim not to be a wanna be
If it isn't you very eyes that I see
Fake colors blue or green or grey
Those are the lenses for which you pay?
You work for the money and time you consume
But ---- yourself with a triple K perfume
You already work against little wage
Do you not know in what you engage?
Where did the people's dignity go
Where's the payback the enemies owe
We once lost what now we seek to find what goes around
Come around
And he got it comin'

Oh why oh why
Can't we be one world nation
Under the sun
I wonder

Now when I say this dome say what's wrong
Kid you don't quite know where you belong
Your father's a black man
You mama white
So you can't say jack 'bout what's wrong or right now
To those critics I'd like to respond
My skin ain't pink nor is my hair blonde
I've had blue eyes lookin' at me and see a nigger
So I figure leave me be me
Can't stand it when one goes around frontin' he's all proud
To be
White and I know why
So why would I want to shine myself in his light
I don't even try
Ebony skin is strong and pretty
They try rule us out when they call it a pity
To make that attempt was the worst crime in time and it shall pay
For one
Me and mine

What's headin' to exterminate
Is it blacks killin' blacks
Or blacks wedding hate
We are so blind we can't even see who is the only true enemy
We were brought to forget
To lose the culture
To lose respect and to loose our minds
The flames from hell have struck the eye
Now most of the peoples blind

Oh why oh why
Can't we be one world nation
Under the sun
I wonder

When I say blind I hear blind are who
Cause if you only hate your real enemy's you
Hate as love's just a feature of life
But to grab a brother by the throat and pull out a knife ain't
Payin' no contribution to this strife
Now you go search for a blond to make your wife
Why be pullin' together tight we can do somethin' right
Make an effort to unite as one mighty power
One race
Since whatever you think we all come from the same place
Bondico meaning brotherhood
Brother sister unite
For doin'the good
Africa's your own god given land if you're black
So understand that it's time to come back
Only you still long to seek to contact
But black is african and that's a fact
Don't hesitate to contemplate
Let us debate this messy situation
Why destroy almighty's creation
Why can we be one world nation

Man is low yet man is proud
Man will go about to shout it out loud
Give me one reason
Can't give none
Can man be proud of what man's done?
As far as the history we all know goes
Virtually what every man knows
There's been killin'
Destruction of life
Leading other to struggle and strife
Bringing those again to kill
I conclude this world is ill
It's a vicious circle we turn in
One has to lose for the other to win
Then this one will demand to get even
Add up the damage and sent the bill
Peace is easy to pronounce
But when will peace be to announced
We seek communication with this generation
Why can't we be one world nation?
Why can't we be one world nation?

It don't look at all like we're gonna last
If you check out and analyze the past
Cause there's been killing in order to steal
There's been killing in order to deal
Killing in order to influence or die subsequently to some offense
Meaning the reason a murder's
Please, can't get enough
Can't cope with our ease
We divide, divide then divide some more
Divisions, subsequential to war
United we stand
Divided we fall
The more we divide the louder doom's call
This because people refuse to compromise
But tell me is it so hard to realize
Observe the matter that's your task
Me I only gots one question to ask
Why can't we be one world nation?

Of course there's differences in the world
Cause that's what makes the world
See, you got male and female, black, brown, red, yellow, white
Dark or pale, short, heavy, lite
Different languages, different voices, different opinions an
different choices
But on one and the same planet
We all live so we really got no other alternative
Peace is easy to pronounce
But when will peace be to announced
We seek communication with this generation
Why can't we be one world nation?
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