Awesome (You Are My Hero)

Ya Kid K

Mic. Check
One two one two, one two, one two one two
Are you ready?
Sounds good
Here we go
Yeah, one two, one two


You're totally awesome (awesome)
From where do yo reign? (where do you come from?)
You are my hero (my hero)
And what is your name? (what's your name?)

Ya Kid K is back again
Just picked up paper and pen
To create a little song to sing
So y'all can hear the jam I bring

Danny D laid down a track
For me to kick up the kid is back
Folk's are singing Danny's tune
For y'all to blast out noon 'til noon

So everybody party hard 'til you go drop, don't stop
For there is reason to feast at least this decade
When, who what's made
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are on the scene
So keep it green and keep it clean
Keep cool's the golden rule
Don't mess up, act no fool
Wanna know where they're coming from?
Teenage Turtles are awesome!


Here's the story as it goes
What it is no turtle knows
But they're about to soon find out
and when they do there will be no doubt

This shall no longer be secret
And you won't ask me "what is it"
And it don't matter where or what one's from
As long as you ain't dumb, come
Have a good time everybody, everyone, you all
Come on over let's have a ball

Getting down, were jammin'
To cut that's slammin'
Don't hold back, get loose, the time is ripe
I like the hype type
Get into it, do it right
Look and watch the ninja fight
Bet ya I know where they come from
Mutant Turtles are awesome


I suppose you all know from this
There's something you won't want to miss
A squad of green heroes in the city
So keep the city green, clean and pretty
They fight the bad and protect the good
The way a turtle should and would
Do not worry, do not fear
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are here

Yes, now you know the deal and feel the sensation
The beat, the melody, the rhyme's vibration
Put together by Danny D
An' Ya Kid K-as you know is me
We're gonna leave you to the rhythm of the song
So you may dit it, oh so strong
Remember to keep the soil fertile
Or you'll have to answer to a Turtle
Find out where they come from
Ninja Turtles are awesome
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