Be My Dinner

Yohanna Troell

"Be My Dinner"

Come over little boy,
Let me taste you…
Drink your blood like wine.
It tastes better than both champagne and chardonnay
So I decided to drink it all
'Cause you're mine.
There's nothing you can do,
It's too late, you're name is on my menu tonight.
So come on man, enter my plate!
You've already aroused my appetite.

Be my dinner tonight, be my sinner tonight…

My mama always told me not to play with my food.
She said I shouldn't eat with my hands.
But I think some playing would just do you good
And how else am I supposed to eat a man?
Who cares about calories or diets?
Who cares about eating light?
I'm hungry and I wont deny it,
I'm on the top pf the food-chain tonight.


When I said that you're a man of taste,
You thought I was just trying to flirt.
But you see I have no time to waste,
You're my appetiser,
Main coarse and desert.
You thought when I asked you to stay
That we had the same thing in mind,
But you see,
Life is like a buffet;
So many men so little time.

I'll fry you over my fire until you are hot enough.
Then I'll spice you up with my desire
And garnish you with my love.
I guess you had another plan when you asked me out on a date.
I understand if you get kind of surprised
When it's you ending up on my plate.

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