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Take A Walk In My Shoes

Yohanna Troell

"Take A Walk in My Shoes"

You're so fast to judge
And so afraid to free,
Free me from your prejudice locks.
You want me figured out,
You want to know what I'm about
So you can put me in your prejudice box!

Take a walk in my shoes before you start judging me!
Take a walk in my shoes and then, my friend,
You'll see that if you walk in my shoes,
You'll see you know shit!
*Cause I'm not you and you're not me
And the shoes won't fit! No, no!

See I don 't really care about what you think of me,
I know what I do and where I stand!
And I've got nothing to prove,
Nothing to declare
And I don't need no stamp or brand!
You don't know where I'm going
And you don't know where I'm from,
So who the hell are you to tell me who I am?!

You just see what you wanna see,
Hear what you wanna hear
And about the rest you don't give a damn!


Don't you know you shouldn't judge a book by the cover?
If you want to get to know me
Then read between the lines.
We were all born equally different from each other,
So open your heart and free your narrow mind!

Chorus x2
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