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The Beginning


I can't believe…
Life can impose you its path
And you are alone.
You can't fight its hostility.
I hope you, my friend,
Can understand me.
I tell you all my emotions
Which hardly find a place
In my pain.
I saw
The little legs of a child
Making step of a giant.
The doubt
Destroy the dikes
And the reality invades
The dreams.
The weight of a question
It's baleful,
But you have to understand that's just
A paddle of dust,
A paddle of dust.
I think we have to learn walking
And than we'll could run.
For every fall somebody pays.
Often the debtor
Doesn't ask it.
It's a mechanism which
Doesn't work,
This way takes away your life
And force you to the game.
Pay more attention to make not errors.
The nightmare comes,
It can't be dominated.
Don't to loose yourself
Long an unknown footpath,
Which hides a lot of obstructions,
It's a fight
By you and yourself,
There is neither joy nor serenity.
It's not important
If you can't understand,
You have to go ahead,
Don't try to watch behind.
Don't wake up
The sleeping creature.
Time will come,
It will open your eyes,
A strange silence will scare you
And than you'll hope
That is the end,
When it was just
The beginning.
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