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Infinity Human Suffering


All the world is conscious
of the endless suffering
impending on all humanity.
It's vile end perseverant,
it's objective is to wear the mind
and the human soul,
to destroy the man
with a mortal delirium.
So maniac thoughts
and suicidal tendences,
will populate your head,
suffocating your life.
A slow and suffering decline
will take you to madness.
Infinite human suffering.
You, poor mortal
will only follow
the torturing way,
that will bring you
to a brutal suicide.
You will study your decay,
you will program it,
waiting in solitude
and than cancel your traces.
The fatal moment is approaching,
you are victim of depression,
death will be the only way of salvation.
The last song, the last sighs,
one smudge word on the wall.
The freezing body of a boy lie hanged,
he has lost dreams and all hopes.
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