Joan Of Arc

Alice Donut

There's lots of things in a human head
that I hope I never have to touch.
She likes the taste of burning flesh.
Cannibals eat their love
I'm a sucker for romantic stuff.

She peeled the skin right off her face,
and left it lying on the bathroom floor.
I put it into my suitcase.
I couldn't leave it like that,
just in case she'll want it back

Joan, Joan of Arc keeps burning up(2x)

It's hard to go out with a saint
Who's French and comes from France.
I start to scream, I almost faint.
She's got the stigmata.
I want the stigmata.

I give her a Marlboro cigarette.
She starts to smoke, and smoke, and smoke.
Sometimes even saints forget.
I don't want to sound like a fascist,
but it's wrong to play with matches.


Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc
You hot little catholic bitch, Ooooh.
You're a martyr from France.
I'm just a regular guy from New Jersey.
But we have burning, fire and heat, Whoooh.
You've got the stigmata.
I want the stigmata.

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