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Mad Dogs On A Bone

Alice Donut

I guess it's liver again.
Can't you, make some pork?
Have you heard of this animal
called a pig?

What'cha do to this pudding?
My ulcer's starting to bleed.
This sludge's obscene
Quick, get my gun.

I-I, I-I-I want that filth off my screen.
Degenerate game show pornography.

Mr. John Birch is having problems
Fulfilling his marital obligations.

Mad Dogs on a Bone(8x)

God, you're getting fat.
Can't you suck in that gut?
Change the channel too
I wanna watch the news.

She threw the baby out the window.
Pervert, on angel dust.
Liberal New York faggot, scum atheist.

I-I, I-I-I sometimes dream,
I'm dressed as a girl.
with Ho Chi Minh
in the prison yard.
Balls and Chains.

Mad Dogs on a Bone(24x)
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